Deye electrical appliances—— VIRTUE LEADS PROSPERITY In recent years, with the increase of pollution, air quality in Chinese cities is getting worse, consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of indoor air, Environmental protection household appliances are becoming more and more popular, including air purifier, dehumidifier, and a series of appliances is becoming a hot market . In our market, Ningbo, Deye household electrical appliances is the leader of home appliances.

Create Process and equipment scale
Ningbo Deye Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is located in Ningbo Beilun port where is in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta economic center, after more than twenty years, In the fierce competition in the market has become a professional manufacturer of industrial dehumidifier, dehumidifier,non-standard dehumidifier, air purifier, air water machine and air treatment equipment of innovative enterprises, to established long-term and stable strategic partnership with Oakes, Meiling, YADU, WINX, BK, MEACO and a series of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

The company has 130000m2 standard factory buildings, 15,000 square meters of office building development, staff living area of 16,000 square meters, while the introduction of foreign advanced microcomputer 80 tons -2800 tons injection molding machine, a large model machines, high-precision bending machines, vertical expanding machine, precision EDM machine, coordinate measuring instrument, such as a total of 132 sets of equipment, large CNC machining centers, high-speed fin punch, Amada CNC punch and other large multi-function devices total of 68 sets. Excellent office environment, strong technical force, automated assembly line, professional enthalpy difference laboratory, comprehensive performance test room, product aging test room and noise detection Quiet rooms available, efficient production while ensuring product quality, so that all aspects of product performance in commanding heights of industry.

New market development
March 2014 Deye Group on the basis of traditional offline sales model changes made on the basis of the development of the times demand innovation, advance with the times and open up under the B2B, B2C, 020 and other online and offline cooperative electricity supplier of the road , ongoing dehumidifier sales in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome, shop No. 1, Amazon and other top domestic electronic business platform, online annual sales exceeded 50 million, belonging to the industry lead position. By the end of 2015, household electrical appliances with annual sales of nearly 200 million yuan.

Core business philosophy and culture
Uphold the "Morals first and business more successful" business development philosophy, which insists on integrity and quality, with a focus on professional achievements, innovation in development, advancing in the transformation, and strive to give consumers a high-quality home life experience. In 2013 a number of products had gain Hongkong energy efficiency report; 2013 was named energy-saving dehumidifier industry standard drafting unit title; March 2014 Deye had gain dehumidifier industry national explosion-proof certificate; September 2014, Deye was again awarded as famous trademark of Ningbo city.

Take the talent as the first element of enterprise development, the inherent resources of the enterprise chain as the basis, make a sustained promotion in the management and technology of traditional industries; take a active part in the emerging water treatment and air treatment industry ; R & D, manufacturing industry-leading air dehumidifier and air water machine and other electrical products. Finally,make Deye Technology to be a national brand with a higher industry competitivenss and influence, and create a more glorious achievement.