Brand Deye

Deye Technology Group, was founded in November 25, 1990, is located in Ningbo where is a economic center in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, is a new Hong Kong Businessmen owned enterprises which rose in the tide of China's economic reform.Under the guidance of the group president Zhang HeJun's "progress every day" strategic thinking,after more than 20 years of development, completed from a small die enterprise to large technology group, from a single industry to a diversified industrial chain, from traditional industries to independent technological innovation and industrial pattern of historical change.traditional industries to the historical change of the pattern of industrial independent innovation of science and technology.The group owns the technology of variable frequency control system, household appliances, heat exchanger products three core industrial chain, with the headquarters in Ningbo, Guangdong and Shunde two production bases, both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation in the group company.

From the beginning of the venture, the Deye on the pursuit of the brand has never stopped.With professional, focus on the ideological principles, high standards, high quality as the goal, the company fully implement ISO / TS 16949, ISO 9001 quality assurance system and 6S site management.From the domestic and foreign introduction of Panasoni automatic plug-in machines,Yamaha Mounter, 80 tons to 2800 tons of microcomputer injection molding machine, large mold machine, high-precision bending machine, large CNC machining centers, precision mirror EDM, high-speed fin punch, vertical expansion machine, Amada Multi-function CNC punch, surveying machines with three coordinates,etc. advanced equipment.Equipped with two sets of high performance enthalpy difference laboratory and long-term operation of the test room, in early 2016, the new national standard pump test center, the company's production capacity and product quality has always been in the commanding heights of the industry.

Deye Science and Technology In early 2007, Deye Technology Group began to set foot in the DC inverter air conditioner control project research and development and industrialization projects,after 3 years,successfully developed a 180 degree sine wave DC inverter controller for air conditioning, and mastered the 180 ° sine wave DC inverter control technology and its core algorithm,to further developed a more advanced space vector 180 degree sine wave frequency conversion technology (SVPWM),which makes the compressor low frequency can be done ahead of the industry below 0.1Hz, effectively improve the utilization of the DC voltage of the compressor rate up to 13%, greatly enhance the effective output power of the compressor and the actual working efficiency.Thus laid the company's overwhelming dominance in the field.

Deye Inverter Technology has injected new vitality for the Chinese inverter air conditioner market.The Group's Deye Inverter Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the new three-board in May 2015 , becoming a core enterprise of the inverter technology industry.

Deye Culture Group focus on moral education, emphasis on teamwork, through a variety of training and cultural activities,through a variety of training and cultural activities, firmly establish the value of morals first and business more successful, the same time, greatly enriched the cultural life of employees.Faced with new opportunities and challenges, Deye Technolegy Group will continue to be with the community on the group in the field of research and development, production, marketing a full range of deeper cooperation, the German industry to fight the domestic first-class, internationally renowned brands!

  • people oriented

    Deye as talents for the first resource, emphasizing human development is better than everything. A variety of ways to actively introduce professional talents technology, quality, management, information and other aspects of merit, can make the flat, integrity and love it; the respect for human values, focus on human needs, develop people's potential as a business development fundamental.

  • Business philosophy

    "In Deye entrepreneurship, ethics Societe Generale to Deye dating" is the Deye who has consistently adhered to the business development concept. Deye business people in order to enhance the independent development of national brands and innovative ideas, "production, learning and research," a combination of independent research and development, pioneering and innovative way; abide by the "all user-centric" and "highlighting the core technology, implementation of integrated solutions "business philosophy.

  • Honorary title

    Group won several
    "National Software Enterprise",
    "high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province",
    "Ningbo City of advanced foreign-invested enterprises",
    "patent model enterprise in Ningbo City ",
    " Ningbo Municipal information key demonstration enterprise "
    and" top 100 industrial enterprises in Ningbo enterprises "
    number of honorary titles.